Baitcasting and Spin Rods:  $300 - $400

Surf Rods: $500 - $750

Jig Rods: $400 - $550

LBG Rods: $550 - $700

Popper / stickbait: $550 - $700

Game Rods: $1000 - $1300


It doesn't matter if you are building a land base game rod or a light weight spin rod, most rods have a similar build time, as even though the binding takes longer on a LBG rod, the build times are not too different. Price variations will be due to the different blanks, guides, reel seats, EVA grips and any other custom made components. With my game rods, I don't waste time building rods with low quality parts, I only use ALPS components with stainless steel  ball bearing sealed guides.


Prices will vary depending on preferences of quality.